First-Time Manager Blues

February 13, 2013 at 2:45 pm

It’s a very special privilege to be promoted from your peer group into a management role.  However, it can have a difficult down side – your peers are now your reports.  It’s a balancing act that requires delicacy.

The Crucial Skills blog has a great post today on just this topic.  Including this quote from restaurateur Danny Meyer:

“Fire is used in many ways—all analogous to your new duties,” he teaches. “Fire can warm. Your duty is to encourage people. Fire is light. Your job is to teach. Fire can cook. Your duty is to strengthen and feed. Fire is a gathering place in many cultures. Your job is to build the team. Fire can also burn. There are rare times when you will need to use your power to give hard feedback. But do so carefully.”

Check out the entire post for some practical advice on navigating through the transition.

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