Coaching Assessments

We use assessments and peer feedback to provide context and focus our efforts.  Professionals are able to gain insight from their own responses, and from external sources that may have a new perspective.

Customized 360 Feedback

  • Gathers feedback about performance/communication style/skillsthrottle
  • Feedback comes from a selected group representing all levels of the organization
  • The professional is an active participant in developing the content, along with their manager

Sample 360 Report

Hogan Assessments

  • Hogan is a personality profile with multiple modules, which focuses on what makes a person tick
  • The profile is widely accepted in the leadership development industry and draws on 20+ years of validated data
  • This assessment is particularly useful for high-level managers and executives

Sample Hogan Report

DiSC Workstyle Assessment

  • DiSC is a workstyle assessment focused on highlighting personal interaction styles and communication in the workplace
  • This assessment is great for creating self-awareness and understanding of how styles interact
  • DiSC can be compiled for a workteam to produce a composite view of team dynamics

Sample DiSC Report

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