Leadership Development

Strategic Succession Planning

If you are concerned about vacancies in your key positions or losing institutional knowledge, Compass Human Resources can work with you to come up with a strategic plan to address these  concerns.

  • We will help you develop a proactive plan for retaining and transferring critical knowledge within the organization.
  • We will help you assess which positions are key to operations, and which ones may be at risk of becoming vacant.
  • We will work with you to identify high-potential employees that can move into leadership roles, and ensure they receive the development they need to prepare for the future.

Leadership Development Programs

Once you have identified your high potential employees, how do you ensure that they get the attention and development that they need to become future leaders of your organization?

We utilize top-rated assessment tools to provide focused, actionable feedback about strengths and challenges for each individual.  We work with your employees and their managers to turn that feedback into customized development plans with specific goals and timelines.

 Manager Training

Compass Human Resources offers concentrated workshops for new managers – or experienced ones who want to brush up their skills.  So often, people are asked to manage others without any instruction on the basic components needed to be successful.  Set your managers up for success from the beginning.

Each workshop can be customized to address specific concerns related to each subject.  We take an interactive approach so attendees leave feeling confident in solving immediate problems.

Some of our courses include:

  • Behavioral Interviewing Techniques
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Performance Management and Improvement
  • Change Management for Teams
  • Documenting Employment Issues and Progressive Discipline
  • Coaching Employees

 Team Effectiveness Facilitation

Even the highest-performing individuals may have challenges when working together in groups.  Individual personalities and work styles can create a dynamic that holds the group back.

We use a variety of tools to create awareness in the group of the individual styles, and how they affect group interactions.  Expert facilitation and a safe, interactive environment move the group to understand how to counteract the negative aspects of style challenges, and how to leverage the strengths of particular styles.

The result is a team that can quickly identify roadblocks and move beyond them to achieve positive results for the organization.

Individualized Coaching

Compass Human Resources offers a variety of coaching options to employees at all levels of your organization.  One-on-one coaching is a valuable benefit to your employees.  It is also a powerful component of structured development plans.

Employees who receive coaching will be guided to take ownership of their development plans, and will establish a support network – in addition to the coach – that will be part of ongoing feedback about progress toward goals.