For Teamsshadows

Work teams are the lifeblood of most organizations – and one of the biggest challenges to manage and lead to success. Compass helps your workforce teams by:

  • Teaching groups how to establish effective communication
  • Providing specific skills training so managers are also good leaders
  • Facilitating change management processes to move your organization forward
  • Acting as a neutral party to guide group conflict resolution

For Individuals

Many managers haven’t had much guidance in how to actually manage and motivate a team. Compass helps managers be confident and successful by providing:

  • Personal coaching that allow managers to work on real issues in real time:
    •  Adjusting their style to their audience
    • Balancing competing priorities
    • Communicating effectively with teams and peers
  • Development opportunities that are essential to retaining high-performers
    •  Identifying strengths they can leverage
    • Discovering potential roadblocks to future success
    • Implementing a development path that helps them and the organization

For Executives

All leadership development starts with the executive team – it’s their vision that drives the entire organization. Compass helps executive teams fulfill those visions by:

  • Facilitating strategic planning with all executives participating equally
  • Guiding planning to produce actionable goals and
  • distinct objectives
  • Using organizational development and workforce planning
  • to stay ahead of the competition
  • Helping plan business growth that is both intentional and proactive

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