What Our Clients Say

“Pamela brings a wealth of experience that any business owner could benefit from.  She is an efficient, detail-oriented solution-focused listener.  Compass’ services will enhance any business and help it develop for the future.”

Brian Simmons, Owner – Fluid Market Strategies

“We were referred to Compass Human Resources when our very small home-based start-up company needed to hire employees for the first time.

Pamela Moore is a joy to work with and is very knowledgeable and understanding of our HR needs. After a couple brief meetings we had an employee handbook for new employees, referrals to legal, health and insurance sources, and lots of answers to our many questions.

As we grow, I know Pamela will be there to guide us and keep us compliant!”

Robert Wise, CEO – The Golf Fanatics LLC

“Compass really helped our company to plan and implement a new business structure.  Pamela’s help in guiding us through the process, preparing a comprehensive employee manual, and directing us to professional agencies for insurance coverage was critical to our success.”

Roger Spring, President – Evergreen Consulting Group, LLC

“Garry Trudeau once said that a cynic is one who knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing. Pam Moore brings to her work an unusually effective combination of human-resource skills: a strong sense of the value of employees as assets of the organization, and a business-like view of the costs and benefits of maintaining those assets. For organizations with a strong focus on these costs and benefits, Ms. Moore is a valuable asset.”

John Graham, Business Administrator – Blazemasters Fire Protection

“Pam possesses a rare combination of finance and human resource experience, which allows her to provide insightful and realistic counsel. She has helped us balance the needs of the business with the needs of our employees as no other HR person has been able to do.”

Jose Campos, Founder – Rapid Innovation, LLC

“In addition to her extensive human resources knowledge and education, Pam also has a background in insurance management. Her understanding of how insurance companies and agencies operate has enhanced her ability to keep costs down while providing a high-quality employee benefits package in an efficient manner.

As an independent employee benefits insurance agent/consultant, I work with many companies and human resource professionals. I’ve found working with Pam to be an absolute pleasure. From my perspective, her knowledge of human resource processes and regulations specific to employee benefits has been a breath of fresh air.”

John DiFalco, Partner and Consultant – WSC Insurance

“I’ve worked with many HR professionals in my career, but Pam’s professionalism, style and thoughtful approach are unique in my experience. As a recruiter, she takes great pains to ensure that balance is struck between the needs of her clients and the needs of prospective employees.

 As an HR administrator, Pam is able to communicate benefits packages, corporate policies and procedures in a way that even I can easily understand.” 

Kent Dunn, Senior Program Manager – Ecos Consulting

“Pam’s thorough knowledge and understanding of all facets of human resources is invaluable and allows our company to focus on achieving our business objectives.”

David Kelliher, Senior Marketing Manager – Ecos Consulting