Relationship-based. Results-focused.


We specialize in creating and delivering learning experiences. When people are able to connect, share knowledge and apply concepts, they retain more information. We offer a wide range of leadership and communications topics customized to your needs. Our delivery methods include: live virtual, live in-person, online blended techniques.


Sometimes a group needs a neutral person to skillfully guide discussions and ensure that objectives are met. We can help your team move through strategic planning, conflict resolution, goal-setting and many other situations where participants need to find a positive way forward.


Our individual coaching plans focus on a blend of self-awareness, actionable goals, and personal accountability. We utilize Everything DiSC assessments, Hogan profiles, 360 degree feedback surveys and interviews to help people benchmark their strengths and identify gaps. We offer 60-day, 90-day, and six-month programs.


Business success is directly connected to the success of the people in the organization. We can help you build infrastructure and processes around leadership development, performance management, communication and employee engagement. We work hard to understand your business, your aspirations and your people so that we can provide the best advice for your unique needs.

Individual and Team Assessments

Everything DiSC® is the premiere personal development training solution because it offers an immediate and lasting impact on the performance of people and the cultures of organizations.

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Modern Managers Leadership Series

The Modern Managers Leadership Series is an experience-based virtual program for managers to improve their people skills to more effectively respond to challenging situations, especially during times of uncertainty and constant change.

Every program includes bite-sized interactive self-study learning assignments, completed at the learner’s convenience, over 5 days with a culminating 90-minute live virtual training on the last day.

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